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Welcome to digital

3D printing has been knocking at the door of dental technicians ever since the promise of digital age has taken off.

With the introduction of dental scanners and intraoral scanners to dental laboratories, integration of 3D printing to the workflow just a leap ahead.

Dental 3D printers have been a tremendous investment, with very little chance of return, until now.

Meet the Voxels

We are proud to present the Voxel professional dental 3D printers for crowns and bridges, that any dental laboratory can afford.

Complete with our composite permanent bridging process, the Voxel dental 3D printers will be cornerstones of your laboratory workflow.

We are proud to present the Voxel M professional dental 3D printer for crowns and bridges, that any dental laboratory can afford.

Accuracy, above all

We tend to get mesmerized by the numbers when it comes to choosing the ideal 3D printer for our CAD/CAM laboratory.
We like to get lost between layers and microns, thinking the lower the better. But you know what? Numbers don't matter much.

While it's easy to get lost comparing numbers, it's in fact very easy to justify your machine of choice.
So go ahead, print your bridge with your Voxel 3D printer and snap it on your model, you won't be disappointed.

Working with light

The Voxel M and L are photopolymer-based 3D printers working by the principles of advanced stereolithography. The heart of devices is our custom UV image projector that will create part layers in the matter of seconds and will grow your dental parts at unparallelled speeds.

Certified materials

Voxel M printers come with a variety of photopolymer resins, perfectly tuned for our light engine hardware for optimal performance. Our temporary, castable, standard white and surgical guide blends are perfect fit for your laboratory applications.

VOXEL M Specifications

VOXEL L Specifications

Technology UV/DLP Stereolithography
LED power 18w
Build volume 105 x 58 x 60 mm
(4-5 bridges or 1-2 models per print session)
Printing speed 20-180 minutes / session
Printer dimensions 250 x 250 x 420 mm
Printer weight 10 kg
Packaging dimensions 400 x 400 x 600 mm
Packaging weight 12 kg
Connectivity LAN / Wifi
Software compatibility Windows
Power 230V / 50Hz
Technology UV/DLP Stereolithography
LED power 30w
Build volume 125 x 65 x 65 mm
(4-7 bridges or 2-7 models per print session)
Printing speed 20-180 minutes / session
Printer dimensions 250 x 250 x 420 mm
Printer weight 10 kg
Packaging dimensions 400 x 400 x 600 mm
Packaging weight 12 kg
Connectivity LAN / Wifi
Software compatibility Windows
Power 230V / 50Hz

Patterns for clear aligners

Thermoformed aligner patterns

Clear aligners can straighten teeth that are crowded, rotated, tilted forward or backwards using exact impressions taken by a dentist.

They allow patients to smile with greater confidence while require less frequent trips to the dentist, mean less risk of enamel decalcification and avoid extractions of premolars, amongst other advantages.

Your Voxel 3D printers will enable you to 3D print custom thermoforming patterns for each stage of the aligning process considerably faster than manual work and for fractions of the cost that other 3D printers would.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

Temporary Crowns & Bridges

Full-value temporary crowns and bridges out of certificated biocompatible resin.

Temporaries have become an important and necessary part of any smile or bite reconstruction. They serve several other important functions, including protection of teeth until a final restoration, preventing unwanted tooth movement, enabling normal speech, amongst others.

Provisionals enable you to preview the final result of your reconstructive treatment. They allow you to make a more informed decision about the size, shape, feel, function and color of your final restorations.

We are proud to present the Voxel M and L professional dental 3D printers for crowns and bridges, that any dental laboratory can afford.

Material: Voxeltek Temporary Resin

Drill Guides

Implantology accessories out of certificated biocompatible resin.

A surgical drill guide is created by merging the patient’s CT scan with the digital scan of the teeth or denture in a 3D design software. This allows for the best implant placement based on the tissue and bone.

Drill guides are not just for the difficult cases anymore. You will find our guides beneficial because they provide the confidence of knowing your implant is going on the right place. You can never be too cautious when it comes to implant placement.

With Voxel M and L, you are free to start producing your own drill guides inhouse, for just fractions of the costs a 3D printing bureau would charge you.

Material: Voxeltek Guide Resin


Full-value dental models replacing plaster models

The Voxel M and L 3D printer will print dental models out of our durable Voxeltek White Resin. The outcome will be tough enough for a dental technician to repeatedly remove and replace the die, check occlusion and move through excursions without any loss of fit or causing excessive wear on the contact surfaces.

Get ready to print your models unexpectedly fast, compared to most high-end dental 3D printers, for just fractions of the cost.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

Anatomic or Reduced Bridges

Through lost vax casting

Most of the times, dental crowns, dental bridges and some removable partial dentures need a supporting frame that is designed to provide strength for the entire restoration and to support the aesthetic materials (porcelain, composite, acrylics).

The metal frame is built up using a wax-up technique. The entire metal core is sculpted in wax at the precise shape and size considering all aspects demanded by the particular clinical situation. After the molten metal alloy is cast, the whole wax pattern is converted to a replicate in dental alloy.

With our Castable Resin, creation of the wax pattern can entirely be digital and the design process can seamlessly integrate into your CAD workflow. Wax patterns then can be printed on the Voxel M printer out of castable resin and invested just like traditional wax-ups would.

Material: Voxeltek Castable Resin

Plastic Pantograph Patterns

For manual zircone milling

Manual zircone milling if the process of replicating a master pattern using manual pantographic milling machines. A duplicate of the pattern will dimensionally be very similar to the master, after the process.

With our Voxeltek White Resin, printing accurate and durable plastic patterns for milling crowns and bridges is easy and will liberate you from a great deal of manual labour.

Material: Voxeltek White Resin

User Story

Watch Oxi Dental's short video on combining a Dental Wings model scanner and Exocad software for designing Geller models. The end result is then printed on the VOXEL M printer.

Video courtesy of Oxi Dental (Oradea, Romania)


Go with our LabPack that includes your Voxel M or L 3D printer and the Smart Optics ScanBox 3D scanner as well as all the software tools you'll ever need in your lab and get competitive advantage!

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Performance packages

A farm of VOXEL M 3D printers will integrate to your laboratory workflow just as seamlessly as a single unit. Get the best value with our performance packages and get way ahead of your competition!

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About Us

VOXELTEK is an R&D company based in the heart of Europe. With operations in Szeged and Budapest, Hungary, we have 5+ years of experience with 3D printing applications.

We are currently looking for partners to extend our business worldwide. If you are a distributor or investor with solid background in dental, please get in touch.

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